The 21 Faces of God

 The 21 Faces of God is a 27 part film made for YouTube.  The film will be released in parts.

This film was made by Robert Bonomo after many years of studying and practicing the Tarot and is, in a sense, a continuation of the exploration of the major arcana that began with his novel, Your Love Incomplete.

The goal of the film is to give the viewer some basic background on the esoteric ideas behind the Tarot, duality, archetypes, astrology and Pythagorean thought.  These are explored in the first five parts of the film.  The next 22 parts examine each card separately.  Instead of giving a 'cookbook' explanation, the film attempts to not only transmit the essence of the individual archetypes of the cards, but also put the cards clearly with the spiritual journey that is the major arcana.

While this film will help those learning the cards as a divinatory practice, its main focus is the path of the major arcana.  The underlying premise of the film is that the major arcana are an ordered set of archetypes that layout a path to individuation, beginning with body, then the soul, and finally the spirit.

The film has a strong Jungian influence, especially in that it sees the major arcana as having a strong alchemic influence.  Pythagorean number theory is also a key factor, as the film explores in depth how the tetractys reverberates through astrology, music and even modern cosmology.

The film was more than two year in the making and utilizes many a myriad of cultural references, from films and painting to current TV shows.  While some areas might be quite dense, it was assumed that the viewer will explore some of the topics more in depth before continuing on.  It is hoped that this film will launch many on the esoteric journey and send them scurrying down many and enlightening
rabbit hole.

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