The Tarot Seminar

Robert offers a 12 hour live seminar for groups interested in understanding the meaning and power of the Tarot cards.  The seminar is broken up into three parts, each 4 hours long. 

Part one explores the major arcana, their meaning, their path and the archetypes that support them.  In 2018 Robert released his 27 part film for You Tube on the major arcana, The 21 Faces of God.  This film will give a very good idea of the kinds of ideas explored not only in part one of the seminar, but also in the remaining two parts.  The main approach is Jungian, and astrology, alchemy and the ideas of Joseph Campbell regarding the heroes journey are also explored.

Part two explores the minor arcana, with an important focus on the four classical elements as well as Kabbalah to understand the flow of each of the suits.

Part three of the seminar focuses on divination, what it is, and how to approach.  The students will learn one spread, the Celtic Cross and be shown how match the question to the placements on the spread..

The seminar, ideally, would be given over a weekend, with four hours per day of class from Friday to Sunday.  However, it can also be given on a Saturday and Sunday, with eight hours of class on Saturday, and four on Sunday.

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