The Great American Taboo

Main Entry: ta-booFunction: adjective
Etymology: Tongan tabu
Date: 1777
1: forbidden to profane use or contact because of what are held to be dangerous supernatural powers
2 a: banned on grounds of morality or taste b: banned as constituting a risk

If Hollywood, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the Supreme Court, a huge part of the media, a very disproportionate part of the Obama administration and the Senate were dominated by Muslims, do you think Americans would at least wonder out loud and in the media about how so much power was concentrated in the hands of such a small group of people?

If the Goldman Sachs/Citigroup bailout bonanza orchestrated by Robert Rubin and company had been pulled off by Muslims, and a Muslim investment bank, do you think people would be up in arms and at least openly and publicly questioning how this happened? If Muslims had ransacked the public coffers claiming Armageddon if they were not saved, and the next year made million dollar bonuses, would red flags go up in mainstream America?

If the head of the Federal Reserve was Muslim for the last 12 years and three out of the last five Chairmen were Muslim and two-thirds of the Fed Governors were Muslims and now Muslims were making fortunes with Federal money, do you think we would talk about it?

If American foreign policy was obsessed with a small, very unimportant country in the Middle East, say, Palestine, and America used its Security Council veto 32 times for Palestine, more than the total number of vetoes used by the rest of the Security Council combined, do you think people would wonder if something strange was going on?

Surprisingly, the Unites States is about as Muslim as it is Jewish. There are approximately 5.5 million Jews in the United States, and almost 7 million Muslims. The 800lb gorilla is now more like a 2,000lb gorilla and journalists, writers, politicians and academics have to step all over themselves not to touch the topic. Why? What are they afraid of?

Why do our Presidents and politicians pander to Israel and the Jewish lobby? Are they afraid that they will be blackballed by the Jewish controlled media as well as AIPCAC and the ADL if they breach the great taboo? Could you imagine candidates in American presidential debates saying they love Palestine and that we have a special relationship to Palestine? Would eyebrows be raised?

If Jews make up about 1.7% of the American population, how is that they almost completely control Hollywood and have an incredibly disproportionate control over our media, foreign policy, financial markets, academia, publishing, advertising, law, journalism, in short, over our lives?  Jewish representation in the above mentioned so obviously disproportionate that there is something strange going on.

What happened to Jimmy Carter and Mearshiemer and Walt when they breached the taboo? They were ruthlessly marginalized. How can this be done? Jewish influence in the media is tremendous, and Jewish donors give up to 60% of political contributions for the Democratice party according to the Washington Post.  The New York Times, The Washington Post, the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune are all Jewish owned, for example.

If being Jewish was just a casual part of Jewish American identity, there wouldn't be over 50 major national Jewish organizations in America, including the Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), B'nai B'rith International, the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization of America, Hadassah, and the Anti-Defamation League. AIPAC is considered, by all accounts, the first or second most important lobby in Washington, neck and neck with the NRA. Wolf Blitzer of CNN worked for AIPAC in the 1970's.

How did this happen? There are only two possibilities.

One, Jews are superior to the rest of us and our country being the meritocracy that it is simply rewards superior Jewish intelligence, talent, and work ethic.

The other possibility is that they use their influence to help one another. No one doubts that on a whole, Jews are intelligent. Data shows Ashkenazy Jews have an average IQ of 115, which would make them significantly more intelligent than the average. But the shear number of Jews in roles of power and influence makes it difficult to believe that all their accomplishments are earned through merit.

Is it a problem that Jews have so much influence over our lives and so much power in our country? Do we want to be democracy or a meritocracy/oligarchy/plutocracy? Our country's culture is being molded by a very small group of people with at least to some extent a different world view than the majority. Can you imagine Ashura ornaments next to every public Christmas display?

The fact that Jews are smart is not in doubt; however, look at the disproportionate amount of sportscasters that are Jewish. Granted Jews are smarter than the rest of us, but are they better about talking sports than the rest of us? How many sports agents are Jewish? African Americans, who have earned enormous accolades in US professional sports, can't find people from their own communities to be their agents? While no one will argue with Jewish intelligence, one area Jews have not dominated is literature. No one would argue that Jews are better poets or writers, than say, the Irish or the Russians. But look at the overwhelming numbers of Jewish literary agents, how did that occur?

What about television anchors? Basically attractive people with nice voices who read the news. I don't think anyone will argue that Jews are more attractive than the rest of us, or have nicer voices, yet a disproportionate amount of TV broadcasters are Jewish.

These are legitimate questions that many people "whisper about" in private, but never mention in public. Imagine again if we could magically switch Jews to Muslims, Israel to Palestine, and Hanukah to Ashura. Would this still be a taboo subject, or would people question out loud how such a small group of people with a different foreign policy agenda than the rest of America, a different religion than the vast majority of America, got so much power in America.

These issues should be discussed openly. If these topics continue to be taboo, at some point it will explode on the public scene in a very ugly way. A demagogue in the Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck mould could emerge on the national stage using this subject to stir a country teetering on financial collapse, creating hate and violence.

The demonizing of Goldman Sachs and its president is a not very subtle expression of pent up American frustration at Jewish dominance in so many areas. Imagine another financial collapse, not such an unlikely occurrence, and there is a real chance that a very ugly antisemitism could emerge.  The Tea Bagger movement is an example of how virulent the 'mainstream' can get when they feel cornered.  It is much healthier to come out now and discuss and admit publicly that Jews are exceptionally over represented in the corridors of power and discuss why it has happened and if something should be done to compensate it.

Maybe this is not a problem. America is not officially a Christian nation, and maybe Americans don't mind that very important parts of their culture, media and business communities are dominated by non-Christians, and maybe people will simply accept the fact that Jews have earned a dominant role in our society, and by extension, deserve to be able to mold our foreign policy and culture towards their own interests.

But maybe not. There are no African American senators, there are 15 Jewish senators. African Americans can't give good speeches, smile, and shake people's hands? How will this country have this discussion if our media is almost entirely controlled by Jews? There is something very wrong when a very small group of people, with a very special agenda, take over a nation. This topic cannot be discussed because the taboo of antisemitism won't allow it. It is good that antisemitism is taboo, it should be. But through a very subtle maneuver, Jews have taken over a large part of this country and managed to stifle any resistance by accusing anyone who raises a voice of being anti-Semitic and quasi Nazi.

For the good all of Americans, this topic needs to be discussed in an adult, peaceful, and civilized manner. If it is not addressed directly and openly, it will be done eventually, but by demagogues and people filled with hate, anger and violence. This is a discussion we must have, and have soon.

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