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An exciting new novel has landed on the scene, an eerie vision of the future by author Robert Bonomo. The novel has been five years in the making and paints a bleak vision of what we have waiting for us.

When asked where the idea came from, the author, Robert Bonomo, answered “I had an apocalyptic dream as a teenager, it plagued me for years, and after cutting my teeth on two previous novels, I finally gave the vision a voice.”

Bonomo has carved a colorful life, living and working in Argentina, Spain, Miami, San Francisco, New York and Kamchatka.. There has been much controversy regarding the end of the novel. Without giving away what happens, there is a sublime twist that leaves readers spellbound. What does it mean? “I don’t know, and that is why it works, I think it was more for me to write than understand,” he continued, “I think it is up to the readers, really, to find the meaning, all I know is that it is the only way it could have ended.”

One reviewer put it this way “Usually novels that set up such an enormous conflict, in this case, cataclysmic, can never satisfy with the resolution, Cactus Land is one of the few novels I have ever read that really surpasses in its climax a tremendous conflict.”

A mix of world politics, romance, immigration, terrorism, and a touch of the supernatural; Cactus Land is truly a timely novel for a confused world.

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