Robert Bonomo - Media Appearances

Robert is a frequent guest on podcasts where he discusses his documentary, The 21 Faces of God as well as topics ranging from financial markets, world events, esoterica, the Matrix and his novels.

Below is a sampling of guest appearances.  If you wish to schedule Robert Bonomo for your show, please contact him at:

Miguel Connor and Robert Bonomo discuss The 21 Faces of God, as well as the state of the world, alchemy, anarchism and Gnosticism.  Link

Greg Carlwood from the HigherSideChats and Robert had a lively and interesting conversation that ranged from the banksters, to Tarot and archetypes.  Link

Seriah from WhereDidtheRoadGo and Robert discuss the Tarot and other esoteric topics.  Link

Freeman, from Freeman TV and Robert Bonomo have a wide ranging discussion from Tarot and Strange Angel all the way to UFO's.  Link

Darren and Graham from Grimerica have a wide ranging conversation with Robert Bonomo from money creation and the financial system all the way to Tarot cards.  A fun, interesting conversation.  Link

A conversation with Joshua Wisley on his podcast, Eschaton.  Joshua really got into The 21 Faces of God which made for a very informed conversation on the film.  Link

Great conversation between Robert Bonomo and Ryan McCormick on Ryan's show, The Outer Limits of Inner Truth. Robert and Ryan are both members of the Liberty movement and both deep into the esoteric world, (and both Irish/Italian). Fun and interesting conversation. Link

Joe Rupe and Robert Bonomo discuss Robert's documentary, The 21 Faces of God. Link

Robert Bonomo joins Erik Arneson to discuss Robert's documentary, The 21 faces of God, a documentary about the major arcana of the tarot. The two of them majorly nerd out on the Tarot, Gnosticism, the grail legend, physics, psychology, and alchemy. This episode has it all!  Link

Alex Tsakiris is the host of Skeptiko, the leading podcast on the science of human consciousness. Alex has interviewed the most prominent figures in the world of consciousness studies, including: Rupert Sheldrake, Dean Radin, Daryl Bem, and Sam Harris among many others.   

Alex and Robert discuss conspiracy and the 2016 election.  Link 

Miguel Conner's Aeon Byte radio is one of the the leading outlets for Gnostic thinking.  He has interviewed world renowned authors like Elaine Pagels and Timothy Freke. 

In this edition, Miguel interviews Robert Bonomo regarding the connections between Gnosticism and anarchism.  Link