Joe Lieberman's Family

Poster Says “Warning! A PLO agent in the White House.”
In March of 2010 the the Israeli Interior Ministry decided to announce the construction of 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem while United States Vice President Joe Biden was on a high profile official visit to Israel. Should Americans care who builds what in Israel? Why does our Vice President waste his time in this insignificant country of 7.5 million people that is neither an important trading partner nor military ally?

But this country seems to think they are very important. They aren't even impressed with the fact that the world's most powerful country sent its Vice President on an official visit. Knesset Deputy Speaker Danny Danon told the Washington Post "While we welcome Vice President Biden, a longtime friend and supporter of Israel, we see it as nothing short of an insult that President Obama himself is not coming."

CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff in January. Basically, he said this small, strategically and economically unimportant country was costing US lives, "growing perception among Arab leaders that the U.S. was incapable of standing up to Israel"

After the embarrassment to Biden, the VP reportedly pulled no punches with Netanyahu. "This is starting to get dangerous for us," Biden reportedly told Netanyahu. "What you're doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace."

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth "The vice president told his Israeli hosts that since many people in the Muslim world perceived a connection between Israel's actions and US policy, any decision about construction that undermines Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem could have an impact on the personal safety of American troops fighting against Islamic terrorism."

These taboos have been in the closet for a long time. As Glen Greenwald of Salon points out, neoconservatives, "simultaneously (a) tell American Jewish voters to vote Republican because (they claim) the GOP is better for Israel and (b) insist that it's anti-Semitic to point out that some are guided by their allegiance to Israel when forming their political beliefs about U.S. policy."

But for some reason the Prime Minister of this country thinks he he can push Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama around. How could that be? Jews make up less the 2% of the American population.

Later in March the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netenyayu came to Washington to give a speech to the most important lobby in Washington. Can you imagine Barack Obama going to Israel to give a speech to the most important lobby in Israel, the Christian minority of less then 2% of the population?

But the Israelis DO have the most important lobby in Washington, AIPAC, and when Netenyayu came to speak at their annual conference, he didn't apologize for insulting our Vice President, on the contrary, he said the following.

“The Jewish people were building Jerusalem for 3,000 years, and the Jewish people are building Jerusalem today,” Mr. Netanyahu said to the group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “Jerusalem is not a settlement; It’s our capital.”

Why should the United States care? Why don't we just tell them to do what they want on their own dime, and spend our foreign policy energy on China, Russia and Mexico for example? Well, the answer seems to be that they are our family. As tensions grew, Joe Lieberman said the following.

"Let's cut the family fighting, the family feud," Lieberman said. "It's unnecessary; it's destructive of our shared national interest. It's time to lower voices, to get over the family feud between the US and Israel. It just doesn't serve anybody's interests but our enemies." Most people consider family to be blood relations, people very clos
e, of the same background and religion. But Senator Lieberman seems to think the people of this country are our family.

Mr. Lieberman, you can call whomever you like your family, just don't call them my family. Don't send them my money, and don't send our sons and daughters off to die for them. It is not time to "cut" the family fighting, it's time to "cut loose" the poor relations, if you insist on calling them relations. Cut them loose, and spend our time and energy on the important nations of the world.



  1. Beautiful article. As an immigrant, it has always fascinated me how much power Israel has over the US. Far beyond just a sharing of the Old Testament would suggest.

    Its amazing to what extent America will hurt her self interest to protect Israel's. Could it be that even though Jews are 2% of the US population, they are an extremely rich, vocal, intelligent, and bullying 2%.

    -- G

  2. It hurts,I find it very shamful that americans have to pay the price (with lives and money) to fight wars, for Israel. United States of America is under Jewish control. W.A(Canada)