Cactus Land Query Letter

Dear Sir/Madam:

The future of the world is more uncertain now that it has been in three generations.  My completed novel, Cactus Land, captures this eerie uncertainty within its 55,000 words.  Cactus Land is a speculative, dystopian novel set a few years in the future.

The uneasy sense of a world that is unraveling into chaos is the essence of our time and of Cactus LandIn an unknown country plagued by vague wars and illusory terror, six people grapple with truth, love, and the end of time as we know it.  The central character’s life slowly disintegrates into a confusion that is mirrored in the larger world.  The supernatural becomes so enmeshed in media propaganda that finally there is no clear line between the terror in the character's minds and the brutal reality they face.  The tension builds to a climactic end that does not disappoint.

Cactus Land is my third completed novel.  It has been professionally edited by William Kowalski, author of Eddie’s Bastard (Harpercollins).  Mr. Kowalski said Cactus Land  ‘is eminently publishable and possibly very successful.’

I have lived and toiled all over the world, from Buenos Aires to Kamchatka.  I spent many years in advertising and currently free lance.  This is a link to the first three chapters of Cactus Land.   

Books and ideas have moments, and we are experiencing the world of Cactus Land.  This book needs to be read. 

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Bonomo

Robert Bonomo
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