Twilight of the Archons - A deep dive into the manipulation of money and consciousness by the powers that control our daily lives

Archon (Gnosticism) ... any of a number of world-governing powers...

In the last decade we have seen an exponential change in the manipulation of basic human instincts through a technological and societal shift often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Everything we do, from sex, dating and purchases to political affiliations and how we define ourselves is being manipulated and commoditized. 

Money is the air of civilization, necessary for just about everything we do outside breathing, but many people still lack a basic understanding of what it is and how it is created.  How can we have a democracy if our most basic of necessities is almost universally misunderstood?

The just released documentary, Twilight of the Archons, critiques the materialist worldview with a strong emphasis on the meaning of consciousness and money and features Joseph Campbell, the economist Richard Werner and Rupert Spira among others. 

Before we can liberate ourselves from the web of control, we first have to understand how it operates. Twilight of Archons gives us a glimpse into how the ‘machine’ really works and who is running it. 

It’s time to end the manipulation and begin the self-actualization. 

Face the truth and begin the change.



  1. We are on trying to put out multi-lingual posts and trying to learn Russian, so we really appreciate the Russian subs - спасибо, thanks, for the content also. Busy watching. Angela and Thomas.

  2. Always excited to see new work Mr. Bonomo. Much thanks.

  3. Always excited to see new work Mr. Bonomo. Much thanks.

  4. Incredibly well put together state of realisation.