Ben Bernanke’s Head

Ben Bernanke’s head is resting gently on a block of wood. A large angry man is lifting an axe, and this just maybe the first head to roll in the January Revolution. Who is holding the axe? Well, let’s just say someone who got up after a long slumber. He's not feeling too well. You could call it a hangover from a party that started out promising but turned ugly. The axe is not a designer axe, no brand names, just an old beat up piece of work that has been sitting in the garage for far too long.

Where is this man from? Well, he is NOT from New York, or LA or Chicago. He isn’t a sweet talking southern boy with a nice accent and a cute haircut. He is from a place that is cold, gray, overcast and rusty. He is not some soft, bland dunce dreamed up by Steven Spielberg. He is a real man. He is not in a good mood, and he feels like a jack ass. Why is he holding an axe over this banker’s head? Why does he feel like a jack ass?

What finally woke him up was realizing that his country has been taken over by Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Lloyd Blankfien and this sharp talking Obama is nothing more than a Wall Street pansy. There is a guy calling him three times a day from a bank that got bailed out and just gave $145,000 bonuses for a banner 2009. The guy from the bank is spreading Christian love.

And Rahm Emanuel? He is going to save the house and keep the kids off the street? The guy who made 18 million dollars in 2 years while our friend was making $18 an hour busting his ass building things? What did he do to make 18 million dollars other than talk on the phone and have lunch with people? The guy who went to Israel when for the first Gulf War started? This guy is covering our asses? Our friend thinks not.

So we bail out the banks so they can foreclose on our houses and collect $145,000 bonuses when are friend from the rusty, cold town hasn’t worked in 6 months? Doesn’t seem very Christian of them. But then again, that is a bad word nowadays. Yes, this man was brought up a Christian, and believes you should take care of the weakest first, first feed and house the hungry and poor, than build your McMansion. But those kinds of values are not very popular with the Wall Street and Washington crowd. President Rubin and VP Blankfien think you should load up as quickly as possible; don’t worry about the suckers who actually work for a living.

He isn’t very pretty, has no Ivy League education, has no ‘juice’, but when the shit starts to fly, he is the the guy you want covering your back. He has finally woken up, thrown some water on his face, and taken a good look around. I think the thieves in the kitchen would do well to high tail it out.

The final straw came when Obama said they shouldn’t tax the rich too pay for health-care, no, that might offend Lloyd. Just tax anyone who has decent health insurance. That was it, he snapped. Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, he gave it to the other party. Bernanke’s head is next. All the money they stole from us and pumped into the stock market? Now where are they going to put it? Our friend has an idea.

Maybe he wouldn’t have minded so much if they had just said that Rubin and Blankfien were the President and Vice President, and that all our tax dollars went to them. But the cute little move of telling us Barack was President was just too cute. Game over. You think the little populist revolt will end with Massachusetts and Bernanke? Think again. You think you can go back to treating hard working Christian Americans like ‘lucky Renee’s? Keep thinking.

Our friend with the axe is not made of AstroTurf and he is no tea bagger. Please, he is no swill for the élites. He is real. He is not taking his orders from some loudmouth lard ass on the radio. He is real. He was brought up to work hard, take care of his family and friends, not be a pig, make sure everyone is served before he digs in, in short, he was brought up right. They have turned his country into a den of thieves and he is ready to clear them out. Ben Bernanke, you are first. In November, there will be many, many more.

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  1. There is criminal thievery; and there is legal , respectable thievery. I say: put them all in one cell and withdraw the prison guards. The latter will get what they deserve.