Three Questions Trump DIDN’T ask Obama

Donald Trump stirred the pot regarding the Obama "birther" issue and the President reacted quickly, releasing the long sought after "long form" and effectively killing the issue.  Trump opted for prime time over campaigning to be the POTUS; nonetheless, his stunt created a precedent for candidates to call out the president on issues and pressure him to respond.

Unfortunately, the "birther" issue was only relevant for those wishing to occupy the White House. As for the American people and the Republic in general, it would not have resolved any major issue. The best case scenario for the "birthers" would have meant Joe Biden taking over from an impeached Obama, which would  have changed almost nothing except the quality of late night comedy.

There are, however, serious questions that need to be answered which no candidate or the the traditional media goes near less they be accused of treachery by their corporate masters.  It's time that the People created the agenda and demanded thorough and convincing answers.  They have no qualms about using their power, and we shouldn't have any about using ours.  How many candidates have the integrity and stomach to demand answers to these questions?

Why did you have Osama Bin Laden killed instead of captured and tried publicly in a Federal Court?

When Osama Bin Laden was located by highly trained commandos he was unarmed and with a female companion.  He could have been apprehended, brought to the US and tried. After 10 years of war, the American people deserved to see the Government's case tested in court yet you denied them that right and had Bin Laden killed on the spot. Why?

Mr. President, you are a Harvard trained constitutional attorney but you have denied the right of habeas corpus to the two alleged intellectual authors of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Osama Bin Laden.  By doing so you have avoided a fair, open and public trial of these men and the government's case against them.

Reasonable people can have reasonable doubts regarding the events of 9/11 and their aftermath.

Considering the immense consequences of the crimes these men are alleged to have committed it's unnacceptable that the State's case has never been openly challenged in a court of law. Osama Bin Laden denied having had taken part in these atrocities, and the other author, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, confessed under torture.

Did your decision serve the interests of  "The People" or the interests of the massive military and intelligence bureaucracy?

Why did we fight the War in Iraq?

The War in Iraq is the largest conspiratorial hoax in US history.   In the wake of 9/11 the American people were lied to in order to carry out a foreign policy agenda formed long before these horrible terrorist attacks were committed.

Key members of the Bush Administration, major media outlets, and both political parties promoted and supported this war claiming weapons of mass destruction and connections between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, all of which were lies.  The arguments for this war were obfuscations for which the authors have yet to face any consequences.

The war in Iraq has cost countless lives, misery and money yet as a nation we don't know why it was fought, who benefited or what the consequences are for the perpetrators of this horrific hoax.

Mr. President, why did we fight this war, who benefited and what are the consequences for those who instigated it?

Is continuing to allow the Federal Reserve to manage the US dollar in the best interest of the Republic?

The enormous power of the Federal Reserve to create new debt based money and monetize old debt with very limited democratic checks falls far outside the Constitutional framework for monetary policy.  The Federal Reserve is devaluing the dollar, causing commodity inflation and  political upheavals. Not since its creation in 1913 has there be so much controversy regarding the power, influence and constitutionality of The Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve, under the mandate of Benjamin Bernanke, is enriching banks and destroying the dollar at the expense of the American people.  A strict, originalist interpretation of the Constitution would certainly never admit a privately held Federal Reserve to manage the national currency.

Does The Federal Reserve serve the interests of the banking cartel to the detriment of the People or do you support the Feds control of our currency and monetary policy?

The Time is Now

In 2004 the American people DID not ask the tough questions and 2008 was no different.  We have two choices as a people; we can continue to exchange our liberty for their bread and circus or we can end the corporate/banking/political charade and restore our Republic.  Isn't it time that we turned the political entertainment into the grilling of lifetime for those in power?

Every candidate for Federal office should be obligated to give a thorough, clear and direct answer to each of these questions.

Demand answers. Only if we act will we get results.


  1. To believe that the President of the greatest country in the history of the world is accountable to who?-Robert Bonomo- is quite franlkly unserious and comes down to this:
    Napoleon Complex, or otherwise know as Delusions of Grandeur/Megalomania is a psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence and is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature/.
    It requires an inpatient treatment in spacialized facility :get help ASAP hopefully your wife can check you in a good clinic in Spain.

  2. I meant
    "known", and "specialized", of time you advocate for Bin Laden and Al Zahiri make sure you are not put on the CIA'S "non-fly" list .........just a friendly but very practical advise.

  3. Please tell me, how much money do I need, how many Ivy League degrees must I have and how many years as a full fledged member of the Council on Foreign Relations before I am permitted to stand up and say, stop killing and stop stealing?

  4. Dear Anonymous from June 25:

    Sir- or madam- you are a douche bag. As Americans we all not only have the right to know why our country goes to war, I would think that we have the moral and ethical responsibility to at least attempt to find out as well. Bush, et al owe it to all of us to explain why they take us to war- this is not a monarchy. Your blind faith betrays your ignorance and I would question who you wish this war to benefit- not our country for sure, perhaps another. Cui bono?

    You label Mr. Bonomo's desire to, God forbid, understand why our country is mired in a costly and deadly war as a sign of "Napoleon Complex, or otherwise know as Delusions of Grandeur/Megalomania"- and that is ignorant or a joke, or perhaps both. If I recall correctly Mr. Bonomo is 6 foot 2, so you can throw that theory out the window with the rest.

  5. To "Horch":

    6'2" tall?Are you?Any other measurments we might be interested in?

  6. Gentlemen! My, my, my.
    Must we resort to such name-calling?
    Obama is the most wonderful President in the history of 'this greatest country in the history of the world'.
    "(Obama) shoveled money toward corporate America, banks and car manufacturers. He championed the bailouts of the same Wall Street firms his very partisans blamed for the financial collapse. He picked the CEO of General Electric to oversee the unemployment problem. He appointed corporate state regulars for every major role in financial central planning. After guaranteeing a new era of transparency, he conducted all his regulatory business behind a shroud of unprecedented secrecy. He planned his health care scheme, the crown jewel of his domestic agenda, in league with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

    He continued the war in Iraq, even extending Bush’s schedule with a goal of staying longer than the last administration planned. He tripled the U.S. presence in Afghanistan then took over two years to announce the eventual drawdown to bring it back to only double the Bush presence. He widened the war in Pakistan, launching drone attacks at a dizzying pace. He started a war on false pretenses with Libya, shifting the goal posts and doing it all without Congressional approval. He bombed Yemen and lied about it.

    He enthusiastically signed on to warrantless wiretapping, renditioning, the Patriot Act, prison abuse, detention without trial, violations of habeas corpus, and disgustingly invasive airport security measures. He deported immigrants more than Bush did. He increased funding for the drug war in Mexico. He invoked the Espionage Act more than all previous presidents combined, tortured a whistleblower, and claimed the right to unilaterally kill any U.S. citizen on Earth without even a nod from Congress or a shrug from the courts."

    -Anthony Gregory

  7. To Anthony Gregory:

    Of course.That's exactly how you remain the greatest country in the history of the world.The rest is simply jealousy on the part of the uncapable libertarians to achive the status and power.Have's and Have Not's.Cheers!

  8. Dear anonymous- I am 6 foot 3. And you are, even more so after reading your subsequent posts, a douche.