The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?

A very small yet conscious minority has come to the realization that the current world regime is one giant corporate infomocracy that needs to be terminated with “extreme prejudice”, disengagement being the weapon of choice.  The next revolution will not be carried out by mobs of angry people, guerrillas, terrorists or, god forbid, politicians.  It will be accomplished by a small (10%) militant minority that will simply unplug the matrix.

A Very Condensed Case for Revolution

An enormous, dictatorial corporate cartel is ruling the world through its proxies in government, banking, academia and media.  Our entire western culture has become an insidious farce with the sole purpose of maintaining the enslaved masses in their conjured up democracies, religions and histories.  Two developments have increased its control exponentially:  globalisation and the information revolution. 

The world is entering the final acts of a great social, political and economic shift.  The international currency regime, the keystone of control,  is peering into the abyss; the middle east is being turned upside down; the bankrupt United States government is fighting several wars and maintaining more than 560 military bases in over 120 countries.  The insatiable greed and desire for world control have created a breach in the system.  People are becoming aware while their masters scramble for control as the chaotic climax approaches.

Violence, crackdowns, massacres and all out wars are erupting from Libya to Bahrain.  As Yeats put it , “the centre cannot hold”.  The Arab Spring will soon reach the Wall in the West Bank and when it does the possibility of a large scale conflict and the eventual involvement of Iran are almost inevitable.  How the west reacts when this conflict erupts upon us will be the inflection point for the entire period. 

The great strides made in western liberal societies since the Enlightenment have been  firmly based on the Greco/Christian tradition.  It should be no surprise that the purveyors of consumerist agnosticism firmly reject this tradition within the western democracies.  By pulling the spiritual rug out from under Euro/American culture, they have left a black hole that can only be filled by their circus and gadgets.  We have not only paid, but have in fact indebted ourselves, to worship at the feet of their materialist God.  This has nothing to do with theology and everything to do with culture.  The West is paying a very dear price for having stopped thinking critically and educating its children.

The great European experiment (much more than simply the EU), thought by many to be the light of the world, is sinking like the Titanic.  With a total disregard for traditional culture, the ruling elites have turned our schools, universities, arts and mass media into a giant propaganda machine promoting political correctness, pseudo history & economics and the new world religion: debt based consumerism.  Anyone who questions their version of science, world history or monetary policy is immediately branded as a malcontent and removed from the public discourse.  They control the message by controlling the money. 

Many look at the twentieth century as a time of great economic and technical advance, but history, while recognizing the the technical innovation, will condemn this century as the most vile in man’s history.  The miracle that began in Greece, expanded in Rome, flourished in the Renaissance & Enlightenment and finally found its  modern form in the western liberal democracy has been been gutted by a century of materialism, enslavement, slaughter and greed.

The Corporation and Infomocracy

There is no better example of fascism in today's world than the major corporation: decisions made by a select group of insiders, bureaucratic conformism, communications ripe with propaganda, and the cult of power.  There is nothing democratic about the boardrooms of these behemoths, so how can we expect the governments they rule to be democratic?  They have created a two party charade with news programs, talking heads and opposing  media facing off in faux battles to conjure up their infomocracy.

The corporations control the creation and distribution of our money, our foreign policy, entertainment and news.  The only way to put a wedge between these monoliths and the liberty of individuals is to completely disengage from them.  They manipulate news and opinion to the extent that actual issues are never  discussed, only the distractions are debated.   

Two Examples -  Health care and Iraq

The United States has by far the most expensive health care system in the world, and a decidedly unhealthy population.  Something is clearly wrong with this system.  The debate is carefully divided into those who want to maintain the status-quo - Republicans, and those that want to enhance the status quo - Democrats.  All of the actors fall into line and go either shirts or skins, but the truth is never discussed. 

The Federal Government subsidizes the corporate health care system and the over payed doctors by  regulating the market out of the system and creating a closed corporate hegemony over the industry.  The media and academic shills stick to their subsidized scripts and the real solution is never discussed because that solution would destroy the bottom lines of  the corporate players.

Simply deregulate.  Remove ALL regulations on who can practice medicine and how.  Any drug can be sold in the US, period.  End the FDA.  Private FDA's will sprout up, vouching for the validity of drugs.  Some will be better than others, but the consumers will decide which ones work.  Any doctor can practice medicine and many private organizations will appear vouching for their credentials.  As long as there is a judicial system that can pass judgement on reasonable claims, the system will work out its kinks and we will have, without a doubt, the cheapest most effective health care system in the world.  It's that simple.  The only thing the government is doing in healthcare is subsidizing corporate profits.

Those preferring universal health coverage can certainly make their case at the local level without imposing it on a nation of over 300 million people.

The war in Iraq was started by taking advantage of the fear and confusion from 9/11 with the intention of creating a safer Middle East for the state of Israel.  While this idea is far from novel, it's not allowed to enter the mainstream discussion of the issue.  The truth is taboo because the consequences of accepting it would be beyond the pale for those who conceived of and pushed the country to war;  too much blood to be laid at the feet of the guilty.  The motives and consequences of Vietnam were argued in academia and the mainstream media ad nauseam, but you will not see a Pentagon Papers come out of The New York Times regarding Iraq because the repercussion would reverberate too close to home.  How can the purveyors of morality be nothing more than war mongers?


Artificial Scarcity

Why is there a world ‘economic’ crisis?  Is it a lack of able-bodied workers, natural resources, factories, or infrastructure?  Absolutely not.  It's a lack of liquidity and/or too much debt, however one decides to slice it.  The most important myth supporting the system is the belief in fractional reserve money as a valid store of value and means of exchange.  The banks are allowed to create the money out of nothing, and charge interest for turning the trick while the masses have to earn it.  The right to create money is the right to leverage, and it's that financial leverage that hoists them to the top of the pyramid.  Without this leverage they would not be able to create such massive amounts of wealth and control.  The only way to destroy this system and create fair money is by creating awareness.  Once people understand the “trick”, the whole house of cards begins to collapse.  

One simple thought experiment is to imagine what would happen if the the mega banks and the Fed came to an agreement to cut all personal debt by 50%, send a credit card with 20K to every American while at the same time paying off all government debt (federal, state and local).  In this experiment everything would be paid for by quantitative easing and removing bank reserve requirements for bad debts.  The “crisis” would be over in about three months:  anyone who wanted to work would be able to find job, factory capacity would surge and the entire world economy would rise on a massive wave of prosperity.  The only trick would be keeping inflation at bay by reducing government spending to a balanced budget and keeping interest rates high enough. This is not to say that creating money out of thin air and giving it away is the answer, but it does point out that the entire crisis is abstract and contrived and the supreme charge of the government is to protect those that live off interest and leverage.  The debts pushed on the 99% by the powers that be are its main source of leverage and wealth, and by overburdening the productive population with debt they killed the proverbial goose. 

People out of work, factories shuddered, fields unploughed, students without teachers, children without food - all because of digital debt money.  Why can’t a man with a strong back and a working brain simply go out, work, create something and exchange it for money?  That would be too easy.  First someone has to create the money, with interest.  The fractional reserve system, by design, creates artificial scarcity, allowing the ruling banker class and their political puppets to skim enough off everyone's work and turn abundant, productive labor and private property into a giant banker-run slum- turf wars included.  They put massive claims on future production until, at the end of the cycle, their debt chickens come home to roost.


Why is this basic truth not shouted from every newspaper, college classroom, church pulpit and street corner?  In a world of brands, they control who is deemed appropriate.  Anyone who states the truth is isolated, blacklisted or demonized as inappropriate, which is now just another word for honest.  An entire caste of over-educated shills dominate media, film, the arts, literature, and academia.  Organized religion, when not protecting pedophiles and apartheid states, spends the rest of its moral capital railing against the basic pleasures of humanity that have yet to be monetized and securitized by Wall Street.

They tell us to kill and we kill.  Current fashion is that it is okay to kill Yemenis, Bahrainis, Palestinians, and some other assorted Muslims.  Libyans have been put on the no kill list and Syrians may soon find themselves on the same list.  That list means only NATO can kill them (see Afghanistan).  Iraqis have the special honor of being the exclusively killed  by Americans since May 2011 

Education, Religion & Circus

One of the most amazing feats of the regime is how they coerce young people to go into extreme amounts of debt to be brainwashed and taught not to think before they ever even have a career .

Mainstream and not so mainstream religion generally tries to sell people on a hodgepodge of fear and fantasy, with a big pay-off for the self righteous who drink most from the sacred well of Kool-Aid.  What must never be attempted is to actually have an authentic spiritual experience, for this would cause the subject to run from the dogma and quite possibly bring most of the remaining parishioners with him.  Real consciousness as much an anathema to religion as critical thinking is to academia.

But even if one can escape the grasp of schools and universities, dodge the churches, few can evade the tempting trap of the circus.  The television, music, the press, spectator sports, movie stars and the like have an almost hallucinatory power over the sheeple.  Not only do these pastimes steal the money of the masses, they brainwash them to boot.  The regime's mantra: pay the master for the right to be enslaved.


Violent Revolution?

In the Allegory of the Cave, Plato compares the awakening process to realizing the shadows on the wall are only reflections from lanterns in a cave, but he points out that there is a period during which the eyes need to get adjusted, in these moments the person can see neither the shadows nor make out the real images soaked in sunlight.  

Those who awaken go through many stages, one of which is the strong desire to plant bombs and slit throats.  As Plato points out, there is a period of disorientation as one meanders out of the cave.  While violence is the most appetizingly simple of choices, it is also the most counterproductive.  Anything one does that can be utilized by the masters to fire up their destructive paraphernalia  is a mistake.  In fact, anything that even breaks their laws is harmful to the cause and will only create useless opposition.  All forms of violent resistance only generate energy which they use to manipulate news and events in order to create fear and reactionism.  They thrive on our anxieties and use the very energy generated against them as the impetus to foment division among their opponents.

Enlightened Disengagement

The enlightened conscious man needs no school to raise his children, no church to know his God, no banker to validate his work and no government to choose his enemies.  He is free to do as he pleases, when he pleases and how he pleases.  His liberty allows him to need almost nothing, which is how the great evil matrix becomes undone: in a great fire of awareness.

Money – Use fractional reserve money only for what is needed in the short term.  Have no savings denominated in their dollars.  All savings in hard assets.

Work & Corporations – Avoid, to the greatest extent possible, working for and using corporations.  Actively pursue locally owned alternatives and self-employment.  As a consumer, avoid all corporate products whenever possible.  This includes clothes, food, religion, news, etc.

Bread & Circus – Cancel all cable subscriptions immediately. Sell all your televisions and take your best friend out for a night on the town with the proceeds.  Stop participating in the corporate entertainment network.  If you love baseball, follow a local independent team.  If you love dramas, frequent your local theater.  Read independent news services.  Always know the source of what you are consuming.   Avoid corporate food at all costs.  Pay the premium for locally, independently grown and prepared food.

Follow the Law to the Letter – That means paying all taxes, following all regulations, and submitting to all their rules while they are still in force.  The cause is not advanced by having militants ensnarled by the criminal justice system. All their efforts must be fully dedicated to disengaging themselves, their families and their friends.  Moves must be calculated to maximize strength and staying power, even if it means remaining “attached” to parts of the system longer than one would like.   A financially sound, secure militant family  disengaging and evangelizing is their worst enemy.

Politics - The obvious thing to be done is abstain from participation.  In most cases, this would be the clear strategy.  However, with an iconoclastic candidate like Ron Paul still in the running, it makes sense to give him support.  The more the mainstream avoids him and dances around his campaign, the more he should be backed.  

The Magical 10%

We don't need to convince the whole village, we only need 10% of them. A recent study has confirmed that once an idea reaches the 10% threshold and that 10% is demonstrably fixed to the idea, the majority will quickly follow.

"Three conditions are key: a majority that is flexible with their views, a minority that is intractable, and a critical threshold wherein about a tenth of the population advocate the minority opinion. They also saw that the time it takes to reach social consensus drops dramatically as the minority grows past this tipping point"

The focus must be on the best and the brightest, the rest will follow.  There is no need to dummy down the message; on the contrary, the highest level of argumentation and language should be implemented to capture the critical thinkers, leaders and trend setters.

A Well Sharpened Blade

There is only one path to freedom, and it is terribly straight and narrow.  To navigate it one must shed prejudice, education, political correctness, patriotism, greed and fear.  Realizing the profound depth of the deception can be frightening; a slew of long-held beliefs  will come tumbling down.  Much of the truth is, by design, diametrically opposed to what we have been "taught" to consider moral, ethical, even decent.  Whatever term one wishes to apply to consciousness, revolution without it is simply exchanging masters. The enemy is ignorance in all its insidious forms.

The real revolution needs no leaders, banners, or platforms.  Each awakened man's consciousness is his own guide.  Those looking for a place to sign up are simply looking for more enslavement.  The controllers are well aware of the danger to their pyramid and will surely toss out some interesting schemes to hold on to power.  The enemy of awareness is distraction, but the antidote is simple:  close out, turn off, unplug and ignore.

This article was edited by Jim Horky


  1. I liked your article, but the example of free money is absurd. Free money would not cause happiness, but further endebtedment. The current debt crisis is, in essence, free money. Also, if you preach enlightened disengagement, why do you support Ron Paul? I have been practicing enlightened disengagement for 10 years, and though I like Ron Paul the best of all the possible candidates, by no means do I trust that he will resolve anything.

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

    I agree entirely, free money is absurd, I hope I made that clear. I was just using the "thought experiment" to get across the point that the debt is not real, and neither is the money. Real money, loaned, is not a problem.

    "This is not to say that creating money out of thin air and giving it away is the answer, but it does point out that the entire crisis is abstract and contrived."

    You are entirely correct when you say "The current debt crisis is, in essence, free money."

    Regarding Ron Paul, I firmly believe a vote for Ron Paul is a vote against all the evils discussed above...I would even go so far as to encourage everyone who has gone beyond the two party charade, to hold their noses, register as a Republican, and vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries. (Immediately after voting for him, burn card and take a shower...) He terrifies them: close the bases, end the wars, end the corporate subsidies. They cannot, under any circumstances, allow this man to become president, that is why we must not only vote for him, but evangelize for him.

  3. Dear Robert "good man",

    Thanks for posting my comment and replying. Post this one only if you wish.

    About the thought exercise, point taken, though I must still disagree with your conclusion. The economy would prosper in the nano short-term, but collapse under so much meaninglessness promptly. Weimar-like inflation would take hours to set in if everybody were suddenly loaded with cash. Indeed, it is exactly what has happened, under the same supposition, and look where we are. In fact, this system of free meaningless money, otherwise known as the anglo-american banking system, has created so much prosperity, but for so few, that they have gained the economic power to usurp political on earth. These usurpers must then usurp martial power to protect their ill-gotten livelihoods at any and all costs, regardless. Unfortunately, this free wealth did not motivate the masses, but caused them to give up, sell, their most valued faculty, that of free thought. You mention it yourself. Only work itself can liberate us, preferable for its own sake.

    About Ron Paul, experience has taught me to distrust politicians and all of their syrupy exhortations for the very reasons you wrote in the article. If he were what he says he is, I assume he would be assasinated early in his tenure, causing the US to go irretrievably over the edge. He has not the power to disrupt a system much larger than himself and bent on implosion through iniquity and corruption. Either he plays the ballgame, or he dies. All good men are in imminent danger of assasination. These are contrary times where the truth is subjugated to propaganda, as you so eloquently noted. But that is not unique. The world was once decreed flat, dissent punishable by death.

    In my assessment, we have no salvation as a civilization. The problem is one of bigness. It is simply too big and therefore real information too sparse, propaganda too widely propagated, humanity too thoroughly manipulated. That is the secret of North Dakota. Small. Lenders know borrowers personally. Only local ownership. I believe humans can only live peacefully in independent pockets, but, that's not globalization, is it? So, in my opinion, vote for whom you will, we are doomed. Fatalistic? Not really, more like the phoenix. Salvation will only come when we are chopped down to size, and so I welcome that eventuality. Living under these current conditions is not life at all.

    Perhaps you come to similar conclusions in your book. I will consider checking it out.


    in exile in Germany.

  4. Superb writing, thank you. Found this via Activist Post and really enjoyed it.

  5. Thank you for this most thoughtful and thought provoking analysis.
    I think that throwing the TV out would be almost 80% of any change necessary.
    I'll leave the solution to the economic mess to others more qualified, but Bill Still has a very enticing argument for debtless government issued money, following up with non-fractional reserve banking. He's apparently to be a Libertarian candidate.
    On the whole, I agree with the drop-out solution.
    Know your neighbors, grow some food, volunteer in your community, spend only what you have.
    On a more comfortable note, I found 5 of my faves on your list of music selections, so you must be have a pretty good spirit in my eyes!
    Great read, thanks for the energy!
    Landed from Les' Petri Dish

  6. Thank you for a great article! I also came from Les' Petri Dish. I agree with most of what you write, but I have a problem with the "follow all laws and pay all taxes" part of it. For me to have a pleasant life right NOW, and have the opportunity to help people, I can not follow all laws and pay all taxes. I see the point in not giving the authorities any reason to put you in jail or steal your assets. Just don't break any serious laws, but only those necessary to make life a little easier. Things to small to go to jail. If everyone just broke the laws they did not agree with, like some already do, we would at least act like free people. Not children afraid to get disiplined. Big Brother watching is a lie in one way, because we are just to many people to all be constantly monitored. Don't poke your head out. They will never catch you, except if you are unlucky or ratted out. To investigate is very costly, think about a detectives wages. Be smart and understand the system, and support yourself, friend and family, without getting to visible to the authorities. Be ethical not lawful. Don't steal from people or rob people, provide a service or product of the grid. Let the gut feeling guide you. You can be free, but that means you have to be smart, because you must deal with the consequenses of your actions. Be a sophisticated criminal. No law. No crime.

    Love and Light!!!

  7. Jeeze, between these great, inspiring articles and the quality comments after each article too (like Fred's just above mine here), I told all my friends to read this article especially, more than once. There's almost too much to soak in, not to mention that's all I could think about for some hours after reading it. Anyway, it's nice to know the name of about the only actual "religion" I've been practicing now for some years. You called it "enlightened disengagement". I don't know about the enlightened part (in my case) but it sure sounds good. I'm glad I found this place. Thanks....

  8. Why don't you get into Wilhelm Reich and Systems Thinking and System Dynamics?
    The structures, no the overused and very simple word "System," includes ALL OF US. So blaming others, like they do in soccer when one team is wining and slow the game or throw balls out of the field, is already a complete deception of the (stupid and perverse) human nature, unlike the normal nature is simply implacable but no perverse (like the Human Nature.)


  10. “Why is there a world ‘economic’ crisis? Is it a lack of able-bodied workers, natural resources, factories, or infrastructure? Absolutely not. It's a lack of liquidity and/or too much debt”
    Our fiat paper currencies are a debt to the private central bank that prints them.

  11. Nice article. Not new to me...been living an "enlightened disengaged" life as described for my entire sixty thirteen years. It has been excessively rewarding.

    Humans are typically herd animals except for the odd ten percent as noted. While noting, note that that ten percent, under human(e) husbandry, are usually "neutralized".

    History proves, that only a seminal event will instigate relevant change.

    Whatever occurs, let us hope that our humanity is regained.

  12. How surprising! Most of he comments that you receive reveal that Anonymous still lives, embedded in the invention of another.

    It's hard to let go.

  13. PPS. You, the author, obviously read these comments. Perhaps you might speculate on the World According to Paul!

    He has some some mighty powerful ideas. Rumors regarding Kennedy would suggest that Paul's future may similarly not be very bright or long!

    A shame!!

  14. Dr. Paul is like one of those magical horses you put all your money on, in the last race, and just as you are ready to turn for the door, you realize he is in third place coming into the home stretch, and closing in quickly on number two. You grit your teeth and hope.

    Bachmann, then Perry, and now Cain, all burned out quickly, just as the veteran medical man would have wanted. Does the national media have the stones to put on a debate between Mitt Romney and Dr. Paul on national television? Americans are not as gullible as they would like to think, and when people realize that Ron Paul's strongest supporters are the Occupy Wall Street folks, out the window goes their two party, divide and conquer charade. This fight ain't over, time to do a quick shot and jump in.

  15. @R. Bonomo

    Hope you're right. He faces personal danger if he wins!

  16. A very thoughtful piece there, Robert. I quite agree with you that 'enlightend disengagement' is the free-flowing ideological concept to promote.
    To disengage, tune out, and block the daily propagandized scripture presentations of the media from one's leisure time.
    To seek the resonances in daily life that make one happy or content actually slims down the once thought necessary things in life...a simple change of stimuli that revitalizes curiosity in one, and replaces the venetian-like carnival mask society forces us all to wear. I am not at home the person I am at work.
    At work, I am an automaton, programmed and unveering of the script, lest I lose my income. At home the mask comes off, the door shuts and I am in my personal vacuum, protected from societal lies and corruption. Others go home, and the mask stays on, with windows wide open, and the silver screened box smiling orwellian.
    My country will be the last to fall, because its people are addicted to their serfdom, have been so for centuries; and alsthough the chance came 300 years ago to follow the process which your own country and that of France underwent at that time, the fear of losing their chains kept them still and silent.
    These really are times that try men's souls.

  17. Hi Robert, Nice blog you have. I liked this paragraph best : "The enlightened conscious man needs no school to raise his children, no church to know his God, no banker to validate his work and no government to choose his enemies. He is free to do as he pleases, when he pleases and how he pleases....etc"

    Not so certain that free money is absurd. It's just a hard idea to think about when we are so heavily conditioned towards the present view of money. David Graeber's, 'Debt, the first 5000 years' opens up thinking on that subject.

  18. "Many look at the twentieth century as a time of great economic and technical advance, but history, while recognizing the the technical innovation, will condemn this century as the most vile in man’s history. The miracle that began in Greece, expanded in Rome, flourished in the Renaissance & Enlightenment and finally found its modern form in the western liberal democracy has been been gutted by a century of materialism, enslavement, slaughter and greed."


  19. Here is how the banker's game works:

  20. Robert Bonomo,

    Yes. A return to spirituality is the key. One thousand years ago the west was the opposite of what it is now (shun the world, focus only on spirituality, it was a "bad" thing to be a businessman, the best thing to do was to be a monk, logic and reasoning was considered to be in conflict with faith).

    Thomas Aquinas changed that. He proclaimed: "There is no conflict between faith and reason."

    This is how the West's March to less-spirituality started.

    It was not Greece -- Rome -- Enlightenment.

    It was:

    Greece - Rome - Collapse of Rome - Rise of Christianity - Reformation of the Church - back to Greece with ever lesser and lesser Christianity as time has passed on (which is of course the problem). The balance between focus on this world vs. focus on the next world was not maintained in the west.

    It is now the job of the Muslims to help Christians focus back on God (How ironic?).

    It was the Muslim Civilization which inspired Thomas Aquinas to help re-balance Christianity to be "more involved in the world" and not shun the world.

    Irony of ironies Islam will help the west get back on track to god (inshallah).

    Mansoor H. Khan

  21. Kinda of Continuation of My earlier comment:

    It is so wonderful to see America interested in something other than Football and Basketball. I have waited for this "awakening" all my life.

    Ian McGilchrist this issue from a non-religious angle:

    “McGhilchrist observes that early on in a culture’s development (e.g. Greek, Roman, Post Renaissance Western ), a balance between the hemispheric modes of processing creates genuinely innovative and vibrant cultural progress”

    McGhilchrist claiming that western society is not creating “genuinely innovative and vibrant cultural progress”?

    Here is how I see the requirements for “genuinely innovative and vibrant cultural progress”

    1. Right brain’s goal should be infinity (eternal life, eternal peace, infinite knowledge, eternal harmony, infinite beauty, infinite love, infinite abundance of everything good, infinite justice, etc.)

    2. The Left brain should serve the above goal the best it can in this material world. As our knowledge increases (of course the right brain and left brain work together to increase knowledge). But it is the right brain which comes up with new ideas/models and the left brain performs the laboratory experiment to determine if the new idea will achieve the goal (point number #1 above). The left brain is the “implementer”. The right brain is however the judge and judges if the “new construction” in the material world has come a step closer to the goal stated in point number one above.

    3. For proper “motivation” the right brain must believe that #1 is possible! It must envision heaven and really believe it exists.

    4. The right brain knows that the goal cannot be reached in this world but that is ok because death is just a “phase transition”.

    more at


    Here is how I see the left/right stuff:


    1. Logical and Disciplined
    2. Helps us to deal with the material world (hunger, need for water, shelter, etc.)
    3. Embodies Discipline (the goods and services production process, the Judicial System, the Military)
    4. Embodies physics and physical laws
    5. Uses strict hierarchy
    6. This is the focus of the old testament (eye for an eye!)
    7. Symbolized by the Roman Empire and focus of Greek thought
    8. Symbolized by the state (as opposed to the individual!)
    9. Embodies submission and compliance (Opposite of freedom!)
    10. Cold, strict and impersonal (opposite of warm, flexible and forgiving!)
    11. Focuses on this life (as opposed to a possible after life!)
    12. Has a difficult time with coming up with new models or theories or ways of solving problems
    13. The left brain will take a civilization over a cliff when the civilization encounters a problem requiring adjustment to the models executing (like a computer executes code) in the left brain if not restrained by the more “flexible” right brain


    1. Creative and Imaginative and Artistic
    2. Able to come up with fresh approaches, new models and new theories and new ways of thinking about the natural world
    3. Embodies emotion (love and hate), falling in love, patriotism, empathy, motivation
    4. Is able to increase the spirit, the desire to live, the desire to fight, the desire to carry on
    5. Is able to conceive of infinity (in time and space) and even in power (able to conceive omnipotence)
    6. Wants to procreate (one way to defeat death in a sense!)
    7. This is the focus of the New Testament (mercy and forgiveness!)
    8. Symbolized by the Persian Empire and focus of much of eastern thought
    9. Focuses on the individual and freedom of the individual
    10. Is in control of person’s free will
    11. Is able to conceive of and focus on after life

    I will go a step further and say that:

    It is the right brain which guides and teaches the left brain. But left helps to keep the right nourished and healthy on the physical level.

    Mansoor H. Khan

  22. Many good points in this article. Also, completely agree about the absurdity of free money. Those that propose it must think it to its logical conclusion. Money must have underlying tangible value and cannot be created by fiat. Dispensing money not backed by tangible property destroys all incentive to produce since production cannot compete with generation of "free paper wealth".
    In Wiemar republic they had wheelbarrows of money, all worthless because no producer would expend hard assets and labor in exchange for fiat garbage free money that no one wanted. Items of real value disappear from markets and everything goes underground with "free money" and enforced "currency controls".
    Money must be backed by something that cannot be multiplied/inflated by a parasite monopoly.

  23. "Only work itself can liberate us, preferable for its own sake. " Absolutely YES!
    Work makes free. A much vilified revolutionary group of the past understood this. Not gold, not silver should back our money only the productivity and integrity of the nation can insure sound money. The rascals must be relieved of their post.

  24. "Only work itself can liberate us, preferable for its own sake. " Absolutely YES!
    Work makes free. A much vilified revolutionary group of the past understood this. Not gold, not silver should back our money only the productivity and integrity of the nation can insure sound money. The rascals must be relieved of their post.

  25. Here is a comment I made on another blog (Naked Capitalism) which applies to this discussion:

    mansoor h. khan
    January 5, 2014 at 6:24 am
    Jim said:
    “it time to analyze the nature of culture as well as the nature of money.”

    Westerners need to to learn (re-learn) how to think “spiritually” in order to understand their current predicament.

    There exists a spiritual cycle that all civilizations go through and have done so since recorded history. This is discussed in detail by Oswald spengler (, And recently discussed by John Michael Greer in his blog (

    The spiritual cycle is something like this at a very high level:,

    1) Starting from Chaos, developing Myth and Religion begin to bind people together because these provide a faith based moral foundation. Very often myth and religion involves belief in and redemption in afterlife (as in Elysian fields in the old roman empire or numerous lives in Hinduism). But strangely enough not all religions (of the past) required belief in afterlife. Although, they did require belief in the unseen spirits and spiritual world and law of karma (or similar idea) in some shape or form.

    2) binding leads to social cooperation and much more social order and rule of law and increase peace. Increased Peace leads to increased use of the rational mind and rise of mathematics and science and engineering and better management methods and ultimately leading to an empire and much greatly increased rate of material production.

    3) This is when people begin to fall in love with this world (as opposed to the spiritual world). Love of science and rationality casts myth and religion aside as “untrue” but sometimes useful.

    4) Selfishness and the love of money and power rises. Hedonism rises. Nihilism rises. Relativism becomes the dominant mode of thinking. Eventually leading to Mad max and Chaos as infighting increases and lies increase in size and effectiveness.

    5) Eventually love of this world (as opposed to the love of the spiritual world, truth and knowledge) leads to total chaos and material production falls greatly and life becomes very difficult without some conception of spiritual world and belief in the spiritual world and eventual cosmic redemption and justice.

    6) Myth and Religion return (sometimes with a vengence!). Spengler calls this the second religiosity. Conception of spiritual world and belief in the spiritual world becomes a “survival advantage” giving its believers spiritual strength to endure the low material consumption life. Community feeling increases among believers leading to a more satisfying life.

    7) And the cycle continues… developing Myth and Religion begin to bind people together again…

    Mansoor H. Khan

  26. The 'problem' in its various threads rises from a split mind that looks 'outside' while neglecting or disregarding 'inside'.
    The nature of Consciousness itself is largely lost or forgotten within the specific use of a portion of consciousness for the exercise of a personal or private sense of power over.
    My essential point is that awakening responsibility as Consciousness cannot merely redistribute, rebrand or repackage 'problem' as if to keep it from coming home, and expect a true foundation to bring forth fruit in our lives.
    One has to own that which is our own consciousness and let go the tricky mentality of acting out from what one is NOT - from a disconnected coercive mentality that disguises itself ingeniously to suit its needs and not your own good.
    It is like a parasite - excepting it is fundamentally an aspect of self-definition that automatically distorts and replaces the fundamentally felt quality of shared existence, with a sense of fearful disconnection and powerlessness. Such is the seed of the psychological drive to power that each calls 'myself'.
    If (amidst one's commons sense responsibilities) one uses the world as a mirror instead of a dumping ground, it reflects such as to illuminate negative self-definitions that resonate, attract, reinforce and propagate through actions rising from them.
    Materialism is blind to the cause facet of the event facet - where both are two sides of a coin. It completely overlooks and is blind to the current cause/event in its obsession with solving the past in the future - which is the denial of the living present - where Consciousness is - and within which is everything that is - including current models of past and future.
    I attempt to re-mind readers here of a perspective upon our construct of consciousness, for which we each have so much identification and attachment, that it is utterly defended against exposure yet locked into self-definitions that are destructive or self defeating.
    This mentality is writ large on the screen of our world, where instead of role-playing within it, we can use it to awaken, if we choose.
    Shifting from a fear-driven linear mentality back to a reintegrated conscious freedom of being is not understandable in terms of the old paradigm. One has to - in a sense - abandon the coercive or fearful guide as one opens to the embracing inclusive guide. Such communication occurs within us in ways that guide and support and illuminate our consciousness to ourselves in ways we each recognize and accept. There is no call to push or coerce anyone into any patterning just because it has been helpful to our self. The truly connected do not need to reinforce self-belief by 'selling it', but can serve that process of willingness to reopen such connection in others.
    The presence that is non-coercive communicates a tangible quality of knowing and being known - by doing nothing that would interrupt such a natural fulfilment of being. The attempt to puff up or magnify presence as a coercion upon life costs us our Soul-connecting awareness - and all the perspective, guidance and support that is integral to such awareness.
    So in a sense, the message is initially stark and to the point:
    "PUT THE GUN DOWN!". This shout is whispered within us from the gentlest peace of our being - that would take nothing from us nor deny us anything we choose. But if we begin to discern such an inner calling to abandon coercive will, so will a perspective be revealed in which we see we did not want it, nor does it give us what we want, but is blocking or destructive to our peace and our capacity for love and life shared. In THIS we have chosen differently, not as a mentality, but choosing to abandon a mentality as a frame of reference.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. PS: Words - all forms - can be used to deceive - while the desire to be deceived is active. Yet all forms are a carrier or vehicle for a quality of presence. learning to trust discernment is learning to abide in the heart, in the presence of a 'not knowing' that is open - and into which a wholeness of perception arises. Anything coercive can be felt from the innocence of such un-claimed presence - and can also be penetrated as to what is really moving through it.
    When we hate the hater, we perpetrate a self-hatred yet know not what we do.
    It has to stop somewhere, that all comes home and is healed of loveless intent. Now is always a good time to come home to a wholeness that one could never truly leave, but self-attack so asserts.
    Gratitude to the article above - and to the willingness of others here for a the life that shares, communicates, knows and trusts its movement as equally unique with All That Is. A believed lack of true worth deprives us all of such presence - and searches in darkness for what cannot be found - because You Are It - but not specially, exclusively or separatingly so.

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    I am hoping to see thhe same high-grade content by you in the future as well.
    In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal blog now ;)